Open Water Swimming Workshop

Our Open Water Swimming Workshops are aimed at swimmers who are new to open water swimming or swimmers who would like to gain confidence & skill in open water. These sessions use a mindful approach to introduce those who can swim comfortably in the pool and tread water to the wonderful world of open water swimming. These sessions cater for swimmers who may have a fear or are nervous in open water.

Our workshops start in the Galway Bay Hotel with an introduction to the Ebb&Flow coaching team and fellow swimmers, a dry land discussion on open water swimming and how best to prepare. We then do a practical session in Crabpool beach where we cover open water safety, fundamental skills for being comfortable in the water and assessments of your current swimming ability with tips on how to gain confidence and competency. 

We finish up with a post session debrief over a warm cup of tea or coffee back at the hotel.  


  • You must be able to swim a short distance front crawl with your face in the water
  • You are getting comfortable out of your depth
  • You can float comfortably on back for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Wetsuits are mandatory

Open Water Workshop- July

Date & Time:   Saturday 10th July - 8.30am- 12pm

Venue :  Galway Bay Hotel & Crabpool Beach        

Price: €140.00

Open Water Workshop- August

Date & Time:   Saturday 28th August- 8.30am-12pm

Venue : Galway Bay Hotel & Crabpool Beach

Price: €140.00


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