SEAstart Sessions

Our SEAstart sessions are suitable for those who are relatively new to open water swimming but have some previous experience. These sessions are suitable for you if you are comfortable swimming in shallow open water and wish to improve your open water skills and build confidence & competence. (Priority will be given to those who have completed our Introduction to Open Water Workshops or to those who have swam with us before in previous seasons or in our pool sessions.)


  • You can swim 100m front crawl with your face in the water.

  • Can tread water

  • Are getting comfortable out of their depth

  • Can float comfortably on back for 30 seconds to 1 minute

  • Wetsuits are mandatory.


Term 1: Wednesdays- 2nd June – 7th July  6 weeks

Term 2: Wednesdays- 28th July – 1st Sept ; Thursday Session – 29th July- 2nd Sept. 6 weeks ( Bookings open )

Session 1: SEAstart Wednesday AM

Time: Wednesdays 9.30am   Location: Crabpool   Block: 6 X 45 min sessions
Numbers:  Swimmers: 12-15   Coaches: 2  Safety: 2   Shore Marshall: 1 

Price: €230.00

Session 2: SEAstart Thursday AM

Time: Thursdays 6.45am   Location: Blackrock Beach   Block: 6 X 45 min sessions
Numbers:  Swimmers: 8   Coaches: 1  Safety: 2   Shore Marshall: 1 

Price: €230.00


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