Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch

Sarah is co- founder of Ebb & Flow Aquatics & Founder of Swim Buddies.

Sarah has been blessed over the past 10 years to do a ‘job’ that she has loved and has been very fortunate to grow it into a business.

Sarah started teaching swimming in Galway over 10 years ago when she returned from living in New Zealand. She had no real desire or direction for what I wanted to do with her life so she just started to do what made her happy!! Sarah has worked with all levels of swimmers over the years, form a person with deep fear of water to tri-athletes and open water swimmers preparing for competition.

“To me what is most important is creating and providing a safe, supportive environment where the journey is both enjoyable and progressive. Having a team that share your vision and values is vitally important and I am so lucky to have many like minded people involved.

For me water is healing. It is nurturing and it can bring a sense of calm to our lives. I believe swimming is not only for our physical benefit but can enhance us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We can all benefit, any age and any ability!”

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