Caitriona Lynch

Caitriona Lynch

Caitriona is co-founder of Ebb&Flow Aquatics and has over 8 years experience teaching and coaching swimming in both pool and open water.

Caitriona has been an avid open water swimmer for many years and has swam all over the world. She was the instigator of the Ebb & Flow Open Water Program and is passionate about sharing her love of the ocean with others.

“I have inherited a great gift, salt water runs through my veins. I love and cherish what has been passed on to me and always treat the ocean with respect and show gratitude by trying my best to protect it and pass on this passion to my children.

I challenged a brave, unsuspecting group of pool swimmers, Sarah had been coaching a number of years ago to step outside their comfort zone and join me on a little adventure into the world of open water swimming. We gathered, we togged out, we swam, we drank coffee, ate homemade muffins after our first swim and became kindred spirits. There was a buzz, an energy that was new, a shared experience and it felt so good to share my love and passion for open water swimming with them, Ebb & Flow Aquatics was born!

Our water family has grown massively since then. We have an amazing team of coaches, support crew and swimmers of all abilities and I am forever grateful to those unsuspecting, brave souls for taking that first leap of faith into the unknown.”

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