Ailsing Lynch

Aisling Lynch

Aisling has been teaching and coaching with Ebb & Flow Aquatics since 2015. In addition to open water coaching, she is also an Aqua Yoga Instructor and an Advanced Aquaphobia Coach, where relaxing and breathing are very much at the forefront of her coaching and also essential for open water swimming.

She has completed several relays and a solo 11km Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim and her claim to fame is that she has escaped from Alcatraz three times (swimming, of course)!

Aisling loves sharing her passion for open water coaching with people of all ages and abilities, whether it be a nervous beginner who wants to overcome their fear of the water, to more experienced open water swimmers who wish to improve their technique and fitness.

“I feel privileged to help others to embrace the world of open water swimming and in particular finds it very rewarding to see progression and confidence build in the swimmers I work with. I loves working with people and bringing swimmers together who love and respect the water, which is very much an integral part of the Ebb & Flow community.

My mantra in life is ‘keep it simple, focus on one thing at a time’, breathe and have fun!”

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