Our Philosophy

Ebb & Flow Aquatics is centred around the unique teaching philosophy of Relax, Let Go, Flow.
Regardless of an individual’s swimming ability or goals the team of experienced coaches
work in sequence to get the best out of every session.


This is where it all begins, connecting to your breath. Connecting to how you are feeling in your body. Using your breath to create a feeling of relaxation. As a swimmer you are guided to understand the importance of a relaxed body when being in water.

Let Go

The aim here is to let go of apprehension, expectations, fear or tension you may be holding in your body. Once this is achieved your ability to float and hold your balance in the water will become easier. This is integral to how you will ultimately move more smoothly through the water.


Tension in your breathing causes tension in your body and can hold you back from moving efficiently through the water. Our team works with you on core skills to help you develop a smooth, relaxed, rhythmical stroke.

Our Core Principles

Our holistic approach focuses on developing a well rounded swimmer, not only educating people on swimming technique, but also on how to respect the water and be safe in an aquatic setting. Our 3 core principles are Confidence, Connection & Community. 


Giving you the skills and encouragement to improve your swimming and feel confident in the open water


Giving you the space to connect to your body, move fluidly through water and connect with the environment around you.


Inviting you to join our community of like minded swimmers and develop a lifelong love for the open water.


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