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The aquatics environment can be a daunting place for some while also being very appealing for others. 

Creating a safe nurturing environment is at the core of what we do, showing you how to swim safely and efficiently in the open water.

Our open water coaches focus on taking you on a personalised swim journey, where a clear progression path is outlined for you from beginner to advanced level and you can move at your own pace. 

Our open water program is suitable for those who can swim comfortably in a pool but have no previous experience in an open water environment and those who are competent and looking to improve technique, fitness or have a specific goal in mind.

Open Water Workshops
For Beginners

Half day workshop suitable for those who can swim in the pool but are new to the world of open water swimming or those with a little experience.

Focus on overcoming your fear or anxieties, learn about being safe and comfortable in and around open water, work on relaxation and breathing techniques and learn some open water skills.

Progress from open water workshops to SEAstart beginner weekly sessions.

For Beginners- Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions suitable for those who are new to open water swimming but have some previous swim experience. These sessions are for you if you are comfortable swimming in shallow open water and wish to improve your open water skills and build confidence & competence.

Progress from SEAstart beginner weekly sessions to SEAskills intermediate weekly sessions.

Open Water Masterclass
For Intermediate & Advanced

Half day masterclass suitable for experienced intermediate and advanced open water swimmers who want to focus on improving their technique and open water skills. This class includes a dry land session to cover theory and practice before heading to the water for a practical session to trial and implement the skills and technique covered.

Progress from Open Water Masterclass to SEAskills intermediate/advanced weekly session

For Intermediate & Advanced- Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions suitable for more experienced open water swimmers looking to improve your open water swimming skills to swim more efficiently. The sessions will focus on tweaking your technique & improving your swim fitness.

Progress from SEAskills intermediate weekly sessions to SEAskills advanced weekly sessions.

Mallorca Swim Trips - May & October

5 days of coached session in an outdoor 50m heated swimming pool in the fabulous Best Centre Mallorca.

Our May trip kick starts our open water season with guided coastal swims in the beautiful clear water of Colonia Sant Jordi.

Our October Trip closes our open water season with a focus of preparing swimmers for the winter season and the transition back into the pool environment.


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