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When swimming in open water it is you against the ever changing elements and this can be daunting. We teach you how to read the conditions, watch the ebb and flow of the tide, the rise and fall of the waves, tune into the effect of the calm and often energetic wind, and ensure you are able to deal with all these conditions as well as the ebb and flow of your own emotions.

With over 20 years experience swimming all over the world, in varied conditions the Ebb & Flow Aquatics team takes you on a swimming journey, showing you how to swim safely and efficiently in open water.

Our open water program is suitable for those who can swim comfortably in a pool but have no previous experience in an open water environment and those who are competent and looking to improve technique, fitness or have a specific goal in mind.

Open Water Workshops (Beginners)

Our Open Water Swimming Workshops are aimed at swimmers who are new to open water swimming or swimmers looking to become more confident in open water. These sessions use a mindful approach to introduce those who can swim comfortably in the pool and tread water . These sessions cater for swimmers who may have a fear or are nervous in open water.

SEAsafe (New Beginners)

Our SEAsafe sessions are suitable for those who are completely new to swimming with no pool/open water experience or those who maybe have just started dipping and would like some tips and advice. These taster sessions will take place in the shallow water where you can stand and will focus on being safe and getting comfortable in the sea. Each session will include an onshore chat followed by 15 minutes in the water.

SEAswim (Advancing Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced )

SEAswim sessions are a relaxed sea swim where the focus is on enjoyment. These sessions are suitable for you if you want to improve your sea swim fitness and swim with swimmers of similar ability with no pressure. You will be coached and guided on specific swims with the support of the safety crew which allows you to switch off the head and just swim!

SEAstart (Beginners with Experience )

Our SEAstart sessions are suitable for those who are relatively new to open water swimming but have some previous experience. These sessions are suitable for you if you are comfortable swimming in shallow open water and wish to improve your open water skills and build confidence & competence.

SEAskill (Intermediate & Advanced)

SEAskill sessions are designed specifically to focus on developing your open water swimming skills and prepare you to swim more efficiently. You will be coached on how to adapt to various conditions. The sessions will centre around tweaking your technique & improving swim fitness in open water.


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