Sharing Our Passion

Ebb & Flow Aquatics was founded by sisters Sarah & Caitriona Lynch. They are passionate about helping people learn to swim and inspired to share their love for the water with others. Creating a safe, nurturing environment, both in the pool and open water, is at the core of what they do.

Sarah and Caitriona have over 20 years shared experience teaching people how to swim. Ebb & Flow Aquatics is all about developing a person’s swimming confidence, giving them the space to connect to their bodies and move fluidly through water.

The aquatic environment can be a daunting place for some while also being very appealing for others. Sarah, Caitriona and their team of experienced coaches aim to educate people not just on swimming technique but also on how to respect the water and be safe in an aquatic setting.


“I truly believe water brings a sense of calm, ease and connectedness to our lives and I am passionate about sharing this with people. I have seen many times over the years how
clients have transformed their relationship with water, improved their swimming technique and formed strong lasting friendships through their learn to swim journey. Holding a safe
supportive space is at the core of what I believe in.

Having the right team of people around us has made such a difference to all we do over the years. A happy tribe is a powerful tribe and together we can guide and support each other. Coaches and swimmers!! This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this work.

Being in the ocean for me feels like home. It grounds me, brings me into my body; into the present moment; it can be an escape from the chaos of the external world. In water I can hear the whispers of my soul. This is my joy.”


“I am happiest when immersed in water, it is my lifeline, it is home. Over the past 10 years I have been lucky enough to be in a position to share this love of water with others. It gives me great joy to help people achieve their aquatic potential and I am inspired everyday to motivate and help swimmers identify and overcome what is holding them back.

My experience is varied and I have worked with people who have a deep fear of being in water and guide them by creating a safe space to feel comfortable, getting to know them as a person and working at a pace that suits their unique individual needs. I also specialise in helping swimmers improve their technique, efficiency and stamina. I take great pleasure in teaching both ends of the swimming spectrum and both are equally rewarding.

My true aquatic passion lies in open water swimming and exploring how our health and wellbeing are intricately linked to the health of the ocean. I feel I was gifted this sea connection from my family ancestry on the west coast of Ireland and I have a responsibility to honour it.”

Our Philosophy

Ebb & Flow Aquatics is centred around the unique teaching philosophy of Relax, Let Go, Flow.
Regardless of an individual’s swimming ability or goals the team of experienced coaches
work in sequence to get the best out of every session.


This is where it all begins, connecting to your breath. Connecting to how you are feeling in your body. Using your breath to create a feeling of relaxation. As a swimmer you are guided to understand the importance of a relaxed body when being in water.

Let Go

The aim here is to let go of apprehension, expectations, fear or tension you may be holding in your body. Once this is achieved your ability to float and hold your balance in the water will become easier. This is integral to how you will ultimately move more smoothly through the water.


Tension in your breathing causes tension in your body and can hold you back from moving efficiently through the water. Our team works with you on core skills to help you develop a smooth, relaxed, rhythmical stroke.


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